Laparoscopic Colon and Rectum Surgery:

We routinely perform Laparoscopic Colon surgery for benign conditions like ileocaecal tuberculosis, a surgery called Lap Sigmoidectomy for diverticular diseases, and Lap Rectopexy procedure for rectal prolapse with excellent results. We also perform laparoscopic radical colonic surgery for cancer of colon.

Also in surgeries involving lower rectum, we avoid a dreadful post operative compromise called colostomy to most of our patients by using combination of our skills and technology.

Colostomy means closing anus and making a small opening on abdomen from where the stools or defecation would evacuate into a plastic bag everyday for the rest of patient’s life. Its highly compromised quality of life and in most cases colostomy is avoidable using the right skills along with a device called circular stapler and an equipment that provides ultra sound based operating energy rather than electricity based energy.

In fact use of staplers in surgery was introduced for the first time in our country by Dr J B Agrawal in 1981. Since then with consolidation of our skills and evolving surgical technology, we started performing complex G.I. surgeries with laparoscopic approach. Today we are one of the finest centers in the country for GI Laparoscopic Surgery.

In addition to other advantages it is proved beyond doubt that patient’s immunity is less compromised in Laparoscopic surgery.

In case of cancer surgeries, the fear of cancer recurring at port sites has been resolved with refined technique of isolation. All principles of open surgery are followed in the Laparoscopic approach and no compromise is made for number of lymph nodes dissected or maintaining a tumour free margin. Large prospective randomized trials (RCT) have demonstrated better results with Laparoscopic approach (Lacy Amernal Launch 2002; 359, -2224-29).

And finally, laparoscopic approach is much less time consuming than before and is virtually bloodless with the use of ultrasound and bipolar cutting and coagulation equipment that we have at our center. 3D laparoscopic equipment at our center shortens the surgery time further while delivering much superior results compared to 2D laparoscopy.